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Reduced Lead Time Winches:  When available, these winches use parts we have on hand to offer shorter lead times and occasionally reduced pricing. Multipurpose Winches:  These standard winch models work well for many applications. Special Purpose Winches:  These winches have features that are optimized for specific applications like borehole inspections. Custom Winches:  Need a custom winch or custom features on a standard winch?  We can help! 




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Our winches have been all around the world! From sea to sky, A.G.O. winches are here for you. 



Legacy PID-02E on a mission with JASCO

Rapid-casting with a CSW-7

Field trip with Rockland Scientific

CSW-7 on a rigid hull Zodiac with a Klein side scan sonar

CSW-7 "Classic" used with a C-MAX side scan sonar

CSW "Classic" series winch on the NOAA Oscar Dyson reserach vessel

CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Breaker

We present some pictures of our CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Deep BV vessel "Breaker".

The Franklin Expedition

AGO Environmental CSW-7 Winch helps reconnect Sir John Franklin’s ships to the world!

Fugro Arctic Expedition

We had to visit the Dreamcatcher for some field upgrades and used the opportunity to take ...

LAR/SKA Project - Servo Controlled Aerostat Winches

This international project involves building the world's largest steerable radio telescope at Penticton, ...

A PID-03M and EWC-4A-PS06 system on board the Oden

A PID-03M and EWC-4A-PS06 system was supplied to the Danish-Swedish LOMROG II expedition to the Lomonosov...

U.W. - Winch on doughnut buoy

The University of Washington used a remote controlled CSW-1 winch as part of the Oceanic Remote Chemical-...

AGO supported a UVIC Mechatronics course

A.G.O. supported a UVIC Mechatronics course team in 2009.