Porous Pot


A.G.O. manufactures plastic porous pots designed for use in self potential (SP) and induced polarization (IP) surveys.

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Applications Include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Disseminated sulfides
  • Base metals
  • Sink holes
  • Groundwater investigation



  • Lexan® plastic construction
  • Extremely durable (unlike ceramic porous pots)
  • See the fluid level (unlike ABS porous pots)
  • 4" L x 2 " Dia (nominal)
  • Replaceable bottom made from Hardibacker™ or equivalent



  • Clean copper tube with sandpaper before activating with Copper Sulphate solution
  • A light coating of mud on the bottom gives good response in dry conditions
  • Do not freeze porous pot with solution inside
  • Empty and clean porous pot before shipping


Bottom Replacement:

  • If the bottom becomes damaged, remove and clean insert groove
  • Using a file, taper replacement bottom edge
  • Apply RTV silicone to groove, then press down on a flat surface until the bottom is located flush with the bottom of the Lexan® plastic housing
  • Let stand overnight allowing the RTV to set
  • Recommended RTV - Dow #3140RTV