One to four man portable electric and manually operated instrumentation winches with optional slip ring assemblies for oceanographic applications (e.g.: side scan sonar, marine magnetometers, CTD's), geophysics survey and mining exploration applications (e.g.: borehole winch) or balloon winch

Fugro Arctic Expedition

We had to visit the Dreamcatcher for some field upgrades and used the opportunity to take a few pictures of our winch.

The Franklin Expedition

AGO Environmental CSW-7 Winch helps reconnect Sir John Franklin’s ships to the world!

LAR/SKA Project - Servo Controlled Winches

This international project involves building the world's largest steerable radio telescope at Penticton, BC, Canada (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory). It will have 100 times the sensitivity of current radio telescopes.

A PID-03M and EWC-4A-PS06 system on board the Oden

A PID-03M and EWC-4A-PS06 system was supplied to the Danish-Swedish LOMROG II expedition to the Lomonosov Ridge and the North Pole on board the Swedish Icebreaker Oden.

AGO supported a UVIC Mechatronics course

A.G.O. supported a UVIC Mechatronics course team in 2009.