HWC-1 Smart Counter


The HWC-1 wire counter is an up/down wire counter that comes in a bigger and less portable package than our EWC-6 but offering several more features and flexibility. This unit can work with our standard encoded sheave block or with our sheave blocks with optical encoder. We also offer the possibility of installing an encoder on our winches when purchased along the HWC-1.

We can install it on our winches enclosure or in a stand alone enclosure, with or without batteries. One or several remote displays can be added to display the count and other information in different locations (this units can be wired or wireless and/or added to our joystick enclosures)

If ordered along one of our winches some additional control features are included: minimum and maximum payout safety limits, payout control, PC control, etc. Please, contact us for more information.

It offers automatic direction control function and displays distance and speed. The electronics are mounted in a IP67 box. The HWC-1 is used in combination with an encoded sheave block such as our SR and PS series blocks, by modifying your existing block or adding an encoder to our winches.

  • Stand alone up/down cable measuring system
  • Display of payout and payout speed
  • RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet data ouput via included removable interface cable
  • Automatic direction control function
  • Works with magnetic encoded metering wheel such as PS06 counter sheave (4 decimeter circumference sheave pictured below), or S&R aluminum snatch block (e.g. 0.8 m circumference sheave). Larger blocks are also available.
  • Housed in a watertight enclosure or on the winch main enclosure
  • Standard block to counter cable length of 5 meters. Optional 15 meter cable available.
  • Different display options (size and monochrome/color)

The calibration of the device can be permormed using its interface. Due to this feature the device is compatible with sheave blocks of different diameters and number of counts (magnets) per revolution.


Suggested Uses: Oceanographic applications, geophysics, etc.

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