The LTJ-1 is an extremely basic winch intended to fill various special purpose roles. Designed around a simple, lightweight and sturdy framework with great variability in the motor and drum configurations, the LTJ-1 has been adapted for roles mounted on masts, as a rope recovery capstan winch and as an ultra-low-voltage remote buoy winch.

The LTJ-1 uses a direct drive from the gearbox which, combined with other design features, results in a near-zero-maintenance design ideal for remote applications. Its small size and reduced part count means it is easily shipped by air as luggage when placed inside an appropriate hardshell case.


Instument buoy anchor recovery, inflatable tender mounted mini-CTD profiling and on a solar-powered water quality profiling buoy.

Motor Variants:

  • 0.5 HP to 1 HP permanent magnet motor @ 90/180 VDC with regenerative drive controller powered from 110/220 VAC single phase (generator, inverter or ship's power) 
  • 0.125 HP to 1 HP permanent magnet motor @ 12/24/48 VDC with PWM drive controller powered from 24 VDC batteries

*** When inquiring, please specify: cable diameter and length (cable specification sheet if possible), payload weight and type, operational conditions ***


  • Nominal frame dimensions vary by application, ranging from a 16" (40 cm) square footprint to a 30" (75 cm) square footprint
  • Overall height varies depending on drum type and size, but is typically between 12" (30 cm) and 24" (60 cm)
  • Nominal weight 20 to 150 lbs (9 to 68 kg) without cable
  • Corner bolting points standard, optional rope tie-down points available
  • Electric drive motor controllers are available with 10 foot (3 meter) or 50 foot (15 meter) control cables
  • Slip ring ready - two to twelve conductor slip rings are available as standard, others available for custom mountings
  • Load capabilities: variable dependant on power option selected. Please, contact us for more information on load pull and line speed. 
  • Watertight sub-sea connectors used on all connections except 110/220 VAC, which is provided as wires for customer termination
  • Wooden shipping and storage box



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