"Silver Fox" 3HP Enclosed Winch (COMING SOON)


The Silver Fox is a powerful, fully enclosed winch designed with side scan sonar surveying in mind!  Manufacturing status as of end of November 2022:  frame to be welded soon.  Estimated lead time until it is painted and fully assembled = ~6 to 8 weeks.

Cable capacity:

The drum uses a versatile core + flange size combination that suits many common cables:

  • Common side scan cables:
    • Up to 700m of 0.257" (6.53mm) armoured Rochester A304874 coax cable
    • Up to 450m of 0.322" (8.2mm) armoured Rochester A320327 coax cable
    • Up to 340m of 0.375" (9.5mm) lightweight kevlar coax cable for EdgeTech side scans
    • Up to 230m of 0.455" (11.56mm) lightweight coax cable for Klein side scans
  • Other example cables (please note that drivetrain capability limits may indirectly limit cable capacity depending on cable weight-per-length and payload weight):
    • Up to 1350m of 3/16" (4.8mm) cable
    • Up to 760m of 1/4" (6.35mm) cable
    • Up to 480m of 5/16" (7.9mm) cable
    • Up to 190m of 1/2" (12.7mm) cable

Drivetrain and power requirements:

The drivetrain includes a 3HP motor, electric brake, and inline gearbox.  Sprocket ratios can be adjusted to suit your particular application's strength and line speed requirements.  Standard power cable is 3m long.

The winch requires 220VAC single phase input power.  Power system must be capable of supplying 2,2kW (10 amps) continuous, 4.4kW (20 amps) peak.

Sample applications and performance possibilities:

Towing heavy side scans with depressors and magnetometers, with heavy, steel-armoured cable (e.g. EdgeTech 4200-SP/MP with depressor wing and Geometrics G-882 magnetometer, and 450m of 0.322" Rochester A320327 cable):

  • Line speeds up to 30m/min at core, 42m/min at full drum
  • Capable of pulling max rated total payload weight-in-air up to 175lbs (80kg) with max towing speed up to 5knots

Water sampling with rosettes and CTDs

  • Line speeds up to 30m/min at core, 42m/min at full drum
  • Capable of pulling rosettes weighing up to 340lbs (110kg) (including water weight), with up to maximum ~50lbs (20kg) of extra instruments such as CTDs, at boat speeds up to 2 knots.


The winch includes many of our standard winch features inside a fully enclosed welded aluminum tube frame similar to our legacy CMW-2 winch models.  Features include:

  • Mechanically driven levelwind
  • Dog clutch for disengaging the drivetrain to allow for drum freewheeling and manual hand cranking
  • Manually-engaged disk brake on the drum
  • Drum pin-lock for hard locking the drum in place
  • AC electrical system with
    • Local emergency stop button
    • Two-colour winch status lights beacon:  Red = powered on but not running ("stand-by" mode), Green = powered on and running
    • Wired remote joystick with emergency stop button and 3m cable to winch


The winch can be outfitted with the following options and upgrades:

  • Slip ring (we have several slip ring options in stock)
  • Thermoplastic and stainless steel bearings for increased corrosion resistance
  • Separate EWC-6 wire counter display + matching magnetically encoded sheave snatch block for cable payout metering
  • PLC-based wire counting system with mechanically-driven drum encoder for cable payout metering at the winch without a cabled connection to an encoded sheave
  • Extended cable lengths for power cable, wired remote controller cable, and (if applicable) EWC-6 to snatch block cable

Additional options may be also be available besides those listed.


Contact us if you are interested in securing this unique and capable winch for your application!



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