RJW-1 Manual Mini Winch


This small, lightweight, collapsible, and portable winch is perfect for shallow-water marine research:  underwater video, hydrophones, water sampling, sediment sampling, you name it!  It mounts to a pedestal so it can be used on the edge of a dock or fixed in a small boat or dinghy for versatility in research locations.  It could also be used as a geological field winch for inspecting short boreholes or other ground holes.  Its small size

It is a manual winch that includes a ratchet mechanism that can be engaged to prevent the reel from unwinding.  It can either be hand cranked, or fitted with our standard drill adapter for driving the winch using a hand drill.

This unit is completely assembled and ready for purchase.  As is, it includes the following features:

  • Drum:  for cables with minimum bend radius < 6.625"
    • The drum is currently loaded with ~80m of acoustic cable used with hydrophones, which is available for purchase with the winch if desired
    • Alternatively, the drum can fit the following amounts of different cable sizes:
      • ~450m of 1/8" line (e.g. Amsteel fiber rope)
      • ~200m of 3/16" line
      • ~100m of 1/4" line
  • Folding cable guide sheave wheel + roll-y transportation-assistance wheels extension assembly
  • Hand crank + drill adapter
  • Pedestal for mounting the winch

It can be optionally outfitted with a slip ring for using instruments that require a cable with conductors for power or data transmission.  We have several slip ring options in stock.

Lead time for delivery as-is is immediate.  Small modifications or additions may extend delivery lead time by ~1 week depending on the request.

It ships in a rugged plastic tote that can also be used for storage.

Contact us if you are interested in buying this winch!



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