"Black Swan" Mk.II


The "Black Swan" is a simple, light-duty, bare-necessities design that makes it a wonderfully strong yet compact winch for its size.  As of end of November 2022, its estimated lead time to completion is ~1-2 weeks.

Cable capacity:

(Motor power limits may impose indirect limits on cable capacity depending on a given cable's weight-per-length for cables other than those listed here)

  • Up to 2400m of 1/8" fiber rope
  • Up to 1000m of 3/16" fiber rope
  • Up to 600m of 1/4" fiber rope
  • Up to 270m of 3/8" fiber rope


The drivetrain uses a 1/4HP 58:1 gearhead motor.  It requires 110VAC 1-ph input power.  Power source should be rated to supply at least 200W (2 amps) continuous power, and 400W (4 amps) peak power.

It can be fitted with a small range of sprocket options for the following sample performance (all calculated for use with 600m of 1/4" Amsteel rope):

Sprocket combo Fast Mid-duty Strong
Line speed

30m/min (core)

44m/min (full drum)

14m/min (core)

21m/min (full drum)

10.5m/min (core)

15m/min (full drum)

Max payload weight in air or non-towing water applications (max boat speed 1.5 knots) 20lb 50lb 65lb
Max payload weight in towing applications (and max tow speed) N/A

25lbs weight in water
(4 knots max)

50lbs weight in water
(4 knots max)

Different cables with different weights-per-unit-length will change the rated payload capacity.  We can quickly check payload capacity limits for you if you have a different cable than 1/4" Amsteel (or Dyneema) in mind.


The winch includes the following features:

  • Manual disk brake on the drum
  • Drum pin-lock for hard-locking the drum in place
  • Drivetrain configured to allow for manual back-up hand cranking for recovering payloads in power loss scenarios
  • Local controls mounted on the winch:  on/off switch, and speed control knob + forward/stop/reverse switch + emergency stop button

If needed, it can be outfitted with a slip ring.  We have several slip ring options in stock.

It is an open-drum winch design (not fully enclosed), but the chain-and-sprocket drivetrain is guarded for safety.  It cannot accommodate a levelwind.

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