The CSW-10 is our largest, most powerful standard winch model for medium to heavier duty oceanographic applications.  Its wide drum and large frame size give it a high cable capacity and room to fit large motors up to 5HP.  It can accommodate many standard AGO winch add-ons, including a levelwind, drum ratchet, sprocket-assisted manual backup, and more.

Similarly to the much smaller CSW-7VK model, and unlike the CSW Classic winches, it is characterized by a drum positioned in front of a veritcally-oriented motor + gearbox stack.



Typically oceanographic applications:  turbulence profiling, CTD profiling, side scan sonar and magnetometer towing, Rosette water sampling, towed instrument sleds, environmental and pipeline monitoring, grab samplers, capture nets.

The CSW-10 can also be sourced directly from Rockland Scientific International Inc. equipped with their VMP turbulence profiling instruments as a complete winch + instrument package.


Motor Variants:

The CSW-10 is intended to only be for higher-horsepower applications.  If the point-of-use does not have one of the power sources listed below, it is unlikely that the site will support using a powerful winch like the CSW-10.  The CSW-10 is also not intended to be a manually driven winch except in emergency recovery scenarios.  Contact us about custom winches if you are interested in a large manual winch.

Motor options for different input power sources:

Winch input power Motor options
240 VAC 1-phase Up to 3HP AC motors
240 VAC 3-phase Up to 5HP AC motors
460 VAC 3-phase Up to 5HP AC motors

AGO rarely makes systems with higher than 5HP motors as these systems require significantly heavier duty electrical and mechanical systems that our shop usually is not equipped to accommodate.


Approximate size and weight:

The CSW-10 winch is a relatively static design with minimal size variations between individual models.

Approximate overall dimensions:  41"H x 61"L x 43"W (sans slip ring) or 48"W (with slip ring)

Approximate weight sans cable:  900lbs







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