Wire Payout Systems


EWC-6 Electronic Wire Counter Module

The EWC-6 wire counter is an up/down wire counter with both automatic and manual direction control functions and displays distance and speed. It used in conjuction with an instrumented sheave block such as our SR and PS series, or modifying your own.

Gunwale-mount wire counter sheave

HWC-1 Smart Counter

MWC-2 Mechanical Borehole Wire Counter

The MWC-2 wire counter is a portable meter used to measure the length of cable deployed down a drill hole.

PS-Series Magnetic Encoded Sheave Blocks

The PS-Series of magnetic encoded sheave blocks are based on a lightweight but durable plastic commercial trolling block. Small and inexpensive, these blocks are useful for wire line and rope applications.

SR-Series Magnetic Encoded Sheave Blocks

The SR-Series of magnetic encoded sheave blocks are based on commercial power transmission stringing blocks. These blocks are of cast and machined aluminum construction and feature and open-in-place snatch feature for easier string of the block. Optional wireless function may added at time of purchase.