Pressure Case Mounting Systems

Mounting systems rated for underwater use. Perfect to attach our underwater lasers, LED lights and cameras to your equipment.

Battery-Powered Subsea Laser Pointers

A.G.O. compact self-powered underwater lasers are designed to be used by divers, eliminating the hassle of an external power supply or additional cables. They are suitable for inspection and surveys in both fresh and salt-water environments.

Level Winds and Reversing screws

A.G.O. Environmental manufactures level wind systems for winches. They include all the parts required: speed reducer, reversing screw, follower pawl, pawl house, cable rollers and linking assembly chains and sprocket ratios.

Dummy Probes and Headers

A.G.O.'s dummy cable headers and probes are designed to test the competency of the drill hole before the deployment of your live probe.