Model 1015 Rosette


Models 1015-12 and 1015-24 Rosette® multibottle arrays - accommodating 12 or 24 bottles - are a two-component system (deck command uttit and a submersible bottle mounting array) for remotely actuating (in sequence) General Oceanics water sampling bottles.

Model 1015 series Rosettes® are used with models 1010 Niskin , 1080 GO-FLO, or 1010X external spring bottles. The Rosette® can be operated either independently, or in conjunction with CTD systems.

Bottles on the Rosette® may be fitted with model M1000-3 or M1000-4 reversing thermometer assemblies (number and volume of bottles determine number of thermometer-reversing assemblies). All presently manufactured Rosettes® have adaptor plates with a hole pattern to allow the bottles own tripping mechanisms to snap securely in place, and to permit quick attachment or release.

The next table shows all the available models:



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