Prosper Slip Rings


rotary joint

A.G.O. Environmental is the Canadian Representative of the complete line of Hangzhou Prosper Electric Company mercury free slip rings. More information on the various slip ring models can be found at or contact us to determine which slip ring (rotary joint) is best suited to your application. A.G.O. invites manufacturers of equipment to contact us for OEM pricing and quantity sales. Now available in aluminum housing!

Our slip rings are supplied with single cable output (500 mm. long) or with connectors depending on circuit configuration (max 48 conductors). The standard mounting comes with rotor-side flange and stator anti-rotation system.

We provide two main types of slip ring: barrel type and pancake type. The rings on a barrel type slip ring are distributed along the axis, like the thread on a screw bolt, such as the SRC / SRH / SRT series. The rings on a pancake type slip ring are concentric, like grooves on a phonograph record, such as the SRP series. Most customers use barrel type, but pancake type is used for applications where the slip height needs to be as short as possible.

They can be used for power line transmission as well as for low and middle level frequency signals, bus signals, etc. Examples: Inter Bus, Can-Bus, Profibus, RS422, RS485, PLC Control, Digital or Analogue Video, Digital Audio, Ethernet, Temperature or Weight sensors signals etc.

Please, check the catalog for more pictures and information.

Product Certificates: CE, RoHS,MSDS and ISO 9001-2008.

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