LED Light Systems (II)

In order to make the lights friendlier for marine use, we found a manufacture that would produce the LED lights so that they could be powered directly from 12 volts DC. Preliminary testing has proven extremely successful with a number of clients that after seeing the lights in operation on our boats have purchased several different versions of the lights for their own use. The 300 x 300 mm panel lights seem to have more light than what most wanted for their boats and have opted for the 6” and 4” size LED lights. See a 7 watt 6” LED light installed in our 20 foot sailboat. All power is supplied by solar panels charging the boats house battery. There are a number of colours available from warm white 3000 nm up to 9000 nm wavelength.


For more information about LED lights, please click here.



We have also been testing out MR16 equivalent LED replacements as well as a number of E27 (Edison ) style screw in bulbs. This unit is used as a spotlight for working on our large lathe.



As of October 2012, we have now tested many different powers and formats of the E27 version of LED light designed for standard North American light fixtures. They range in power levels from 3 watts up to 18 watts, in a range of colours and some with built in variable colour selection and output power levels. We are very pleased with 5, 6, and 7 watt units for home use. We have found that E27 style LED bulbs at this time are not reliable and have had a 100% failure rate. This has lead to our developing methods to fix the bulbs with limited success.


The panel lights have proven much better with no failures. We have tested 30 watts at 4500K and 6000K for over 2 years. We are very pleased with this series of panel light and offer them from stock at $135CDN/ea.



Large Area panel lights under testing


Bellow are two shots of a 72 watt LED panel light 1200x600 mm (approximately 4 ft. x 2 ft.). It is being used to light the work area over a milling machine. The illumination was better than expected and has the side benefit of no shadows. We have since tested a 60 watt panel at 5500K, we are very pleased with this light and offer it for sale at $365CDN/ea.





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