Battery-Powered Subsea Laser Pointers


A.G.O. compact underwater lasers are designed to be used by divers and on small ROVs or drop camera systems. They are suitable for inspection and surveys in both fresh and salt-water environments.

Laser penetration is limited by water conditions. Under ideal waters off the coast of Thailand, a commercial diver illuminated a target with one of our green lasers 230 ft away! Class 3R lasers have much better penetration than Class 2 and green lasers have better penetration than red lasers within each class.

A.G.O.'s lasers are tested to operate at 2°C, but all green lasers begin to lose power below 5°C (red lasers are rated to operate to -10°C). Caution: consistent operation below 5°C is not guaranteed.

All our lasers use the optional brackets and mounts also available for the S2000 underwater lights and cameras.

Note about Violet Lasers: These lasers are useful for fluorescence studies and as pointers under certain turbid conditions. Please, check our video demonstrating the effect of a 405 nm UV laser on a subsea plant doing photosynthesis, when the laser hits the leaf, it changes from green-brown to red as a result of fluorescence Subsea UV 405 nm laser videos. Available at the end of this page.

S2000BL Underwater Laser (AA battery powered version)

  • 405 nm, violet lasers, Class IIIA (IEC 60825-1 Class 3R), power output: <5 milliwatt or
  • 532 nm, green lasers, Class IIIA (IEC 60825-1 Class 3R), power output: <5 milliwatt or
  • 630-680 nm, red lasers, Class IIIA (IEC 60825-1 Class 3R), power output: <5 milliwatt
  • 2.0" diameter, stainless steel pressure case designed for easy opening to exchange batteries
  • sealed underwater rotary switch easily manipulated while wearing drysuit or other bulky gloves
  • battery life varies with temperature and batteries used; typical battery life is 2-4 hours of constant use with "AA" batteries (2 hours alkaline, 4 hours lithium primary)
  • tested to 200 meters
  • beam divergence < 1.2 mrad

Available Models

  • S2000BLR Battery-Powered Red Laser
  • S2000BLG-D Battery-Powered Green Laser - Dot Output
  • S2000BLG-L Battery-Powered Green Laser - Line Output
  • S2000BLV Battery-Powered Violet Laser

*All models are available in -LP low power versions rated at < 1 mW to meet HSE regulations in some countries (Class II / IEC 60825-1 Class 2)

Please, contact us for further information.


A discussion on laser colors

Lasers are available in many colors, with discrete wavelengths available in each color. The color of the laser affects both the visibility and penetration of the laser through the water medium. In general, the shorter the wavelength, the better the penetration of the laser; green lasers penetrate turbid water better than red lasers.

The technology behind each laser color is also of critical importance. Green lasers require much more power to operate (~10x the operating current for the same output wattage). Green lasers are also much more sensitive to temperature, with only the most expensive models having comparable operational temperature ranges to common everyday red laser modules.

For both of these reasons, red lasers are often a less expensive option and one which is a better choice for battery-operated systems.

Blue and Violet Lasers are also available. While red and green can be considered general purpose colors, blue and violet offer exceptional advantages on some situations. Please, contact us for more details.