EWC-6 Electronic Wire Counter Module



The EWC-6 wire counter is an up/down wire counter with both automatic and manual direction control functions and displays distance and speed. The electronics are mounted in a compact splash-resistant box. The length of cable out is displayed on line one of a two line LCD, with count up to 25000 meters / 25000 feet*. A menu allows the user to choose between meters and feet*. The EWC-6 is used in combination with a magnetic encoded sheave block such as our SR and PS series blocks or by modifying your existing block.

  • Stand alone up/down cable measuring system
  • Display of payout speed
  • USB computer interface (NMEA format) via included removable interface cable
  • Automatic and manual direction control function
  • Works with magnetic encoded metering wheel such as PS06 counter sheave (4 decimeter circumference sheave pictured below), or S&R aluminum snatch block (e.g. 0.8 m circumference sheave). Larger blocks are also available and the counter can be retrofitted to any sheave which can have magnets mounted around the preimeter in close to an even multiple of decimeters.
  • Housed in a watertight enclosure measuring 55 mm H x 160 mm L x 80 mm W
  • Standard block to counter cable length of 5 meters. Optional 15 meter cable available.

The calibration of the device can be changed from a PC connected to the it using the USB port. Due to this feature the device is compatible with sheave blocks of different diameters and number of counts (magnets) per revolution.


NMEA sentence format is: $YXXDR,D,301.2,M,L,S,30.0,M,R*24[CR][LF]

$ = NMEA sentence delimiter (beginning of sentence).
YX = Talker device type is a Transducer.
XDR = The sentence formatter for a transducer measurement.
D = Measurement is a linear displacement.
301.2 = Actual measurement in meters.
M = Displacement measured in meters.
L = Transducer ID (Arbitrary letter, L chosen to signify "length").
S = Speed
30.0 = Actual measurement in meters/min
M = Measurement in meters/min
R = Rate
* = NMEA sentence delimiter (end of sentence).
24 = Checksum (EXOR of all characters between but not including the "$" and "*" characters, reported as a 2 digit hexadecimal number).
[CR][LF] = Carriage Return and Line Feed characters (Decimal 13 followed by Decimal 10).

Suggested Uses: Oceanographic applications, geophysics, etc.


* Features of the new firmware release