The Remote Wireless Winch Control allows for real-time operation and control of winches installed in remote locations like a pier, light house, mooring buoy or on a ship's deck where the winch can be safely operated from a distance.  The user/operator will have the ability to control the winch speed, direction, start/stop as well as implementing variable deployment profiles based on cable payout/depth, time increments and more.  With both Virtual Private Network (VPN) and wireless network capabilities the user can remotely operate the winch from anywhere worldwide from a PC, tablet or even a smart phone.

The Winch Control software consists on a PLC based control of the winch VFD Inverter Controller and a JavaScript interface that requires a web browser to be executed.  Standard control using a joystick is still possible. The software can be configured to block the joystick as soon as the Network Switch is turned on or to allow a hybrid mode where the winch can be controlled by a joystick but a remote user could take control at any moment (and automatically block the joystick).



1. Start/Stop Network Control

2. Run Cable Out

3. Run Cable In

4. Stop

5. Run Mode: Time limited, add/subtract length and go to an specific length. The text input field specifies the time/position

6. Motor Frequency

7. Motor Controller Feedback information and simulated sensors

8. IP Camera Stream and ON/OFF button for video

9. Sequence menu button

10. Setup menu button

11. Log out button

12. Enable/Disable Network Switch status


Still on a development phase, another option for remotely controlling a winch in areas where wireless communication are not available or desirable is the Bi-Directional 900 MHz Radio Frequency Network.  This Network System consists of two Bi-Directional 900 MHz modules with antennas located at the winch and at the control/monitoring location.  The remote location Joystick Assembly fitted with the RF Module will provide control and operation of the winch from a distance in excess of a mile depending on line-of-sight and obstructions.


The remote joystick has the same functions as the joystick located at the winch like winch speed, direction and start/stop.  However the remote joystick incorporates additional functions and safety features like an Emergences Stop switch and LED indicators showing the state of operation.  There is also safety features like flashing lights and audible alarms mounted on the winch to indicate it operational state.